Bongs Available to be purchased: The Dos And Donts of Head Shop Decorum

For some smokers, the prospect of strolling into a shop that has bongs available to be purchased can be a harrowing knowledge. The dread imparted upon this sub-culture by government and law implementation offices can prompt exorbitant neurosis when pipe shopping, even in situations where the demonstration is totally lawful. Here are a couple of tips to put both the customer and the shop keep calm amid this exchange:


• Realize that if a store has bongs available to be purchased, you’re in all probability inside your legitimate rights to buy in case you’re of age.

• Have a legitimate ID demonstrating that you are beyond 18 years old, the cut off for most tobacco related buys.

• Act maturely and deferentially, including strict adherence to any signs posted on the premises about what you ought to or ought not state.

• Understand that the store is putting their neck on hold by furnishing the group with bongs available to be purchased and also other possibly dubious items.

• Show pleasantness and obligingness to the shop keep, regardless of whether you don’t comprehend why they should talk in specific terms. Such stores are frequently under extreme examination and do what they do as such you can do what you do.


• Make jokes, mocking or something else, about the expected utilization of the bongs available to be purchased. Everybody knows why you’re there, and you’re presumably the hundredth comic that week the assistant has managed!

• Put the retailer in danger by getting any unlawful substances to the shop. This isn’t just silly for your sake, it bargains the future and notoriety of the retailer.

• Gripe about costs of the bongs available to be purchased. On the off chance that you need to smoke out of a smashed lager can or aluminum thwart pipe , that is fine, however don’t destroy it for the individuals who need a decent percolator bong or hand blown glass pipe!

• Specify illicit substances or odious employments of the bongs available to be purchased. Truth be told, by and large, don’t allude to these things as bongs. A few areas have strict standards against such terms and “water pipe” is a more secure wager to get everybody through the exchange easily.

• Act scrappy, or endeavor to get into a wink and gesture discussion with the store specialist that has the bongs available to be purchased (regardless of whether you know them). They have enough despondency staring them in the face without stressing that you’re some crawl or narc attempting to unforgiving their smooth!

In the event that everybody takes after these basic rules that have turned out to be for the most part acknowledged practice in the realm of stores that offer bongs available to be purchased, smokers and retailers alike can end the day upbeat, grinning and irie mon.